“The Tao of Longevity and Lasting Vision”

Acumulating virtues, means there is nothing one cannot overcome

When there is nothing that one cannot overcome,

One’s limits are unknown.

The limits being unknown, one can possess Sovereignty.

With this mother principle of power, one can be everlasting.

This is called deep roots and firm foundation.

The Tao of Longevity and Lasting Vision

Longevity is a topic that is becoming more prevalent these days, with fitness a $96 billion dollar industry worldwide. This may be driven by the collective ego of people who simply want to look good for everyone else. Yet there are plenty of people who are sick with chronic diseases who simply want to live longer and experience contentment. This is the group that I hope to offer assistance to. So rather than focus just on physical longevity, The Tao (the way, the path) of Longevity begins with Spiritual Longevity.

What is Spiritual Longevity? Like many spiritual traditions, Tao Cultivators understand that there is much more than just the physical aspect of “self”. For those who believe in reincarnation, there is a never-ending cycle of life and death in which the spirit experiences many lives. Too often these lives are filled with suffering and misery through no fault of their own. Yet in this modern age, there is a lot of suffering that people cause for themselves. The glaring question is why we as a society, especially Western Society, do this to ourselves.

Six in ten Americans live with at least one chronic disease, like heart disease and strokecancer, or diabetes. These and other chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability in America, and they are also a leading driver of health care costs.

Source: CDC (Center for Disease Control)

The answer I believe lies within. Too many people are dominated by ego-driving desires and distractions living in a waking dream of always striving for more. According to the CDC, six out of ten people cause themselves to be chronically ill, a category of self-caused suffering. The course of action to stop this destructive behavior is learning to control themselves. Or more specifically learning to control ego and desire. One must learn to wake up and become conscious and aware of what they are doing and why. The becomes the foundation of “self” discipline, where “self” is binary. The ego-self must be controlled by the spiritual self, also known as the “True Self”. This is the intent and purpose of spiritual cultivation which is internal. So before a person cannot effectively work on physical longevity, they must first awaken and cultivate spiritual longevity.

Your Destiny Is Not Predetermined

The sub-title to the new book and this blog, “Your Destiny Is Not Predermined”, means that you do not have to end up one of the 6 in 10 people who developed a chronic disease and die before you should. If you truly want to have a long successful life, you can become the sovereign ruler over your physical life and manage the ego so that the choices you make lead to a much better destiny. We make choices every moment of every day that creates our future. When we are awake and aware, consciously choosing those actions that are right, and promoting harmony, physical longevity will follow.

What is meant by waking up and paying attention? Most people who have not trained in mediation, do not comprehend just how distracted they are. Their busy minds are inundated with too much activity, stress, and drama. Their mindstream can be like a mountain river after a flash flood; out of control. Meditation is the state of being where the spirit, also considered to be the “observer” remains detached and awake, not lost in the incessant stream of thoughts and emotions. This is covered in detail in the book. Once awakened, the higher self becomes the Sovereign ruling life through wisdom and experience, avoiding the ego traps that cause suffering. This state of being is known as “self-awareness”. Once awake and aware, the observing true self (spirit) can pay attention to the mind and guard against ego takeover without being reactive to it. Through stillness, desire is dispelled and the ego becomes distant.

The term “Tao Cultivator” simply means one who cultivates the way. It is the way of reality, the way of living successfully, and with harmony in world around us. Harmony, as you will learn in the book, is no small thing. It is a powerful virtue, that through the cause and effect of Karma, turns the choices you make into the destiny of wellbeing. So if you want to truly have a long successful life, now and in future lifetimes, cultivate spiritual longevity and the physical will follow. Karmic affinity will follow your lives with the wisdom you attained, so that each time around you can improve and get better. Spiritual longevity is not just about this life, but also about the ones that will follow.