Author: Samuel Beasley Sr.

Coming Soon, The Tao of Longevity

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Sovereignty – The Tao Principle of Self-Discipline

Sovereignty – The Tao Principle of Spiritual Discipline


Imagine what it would be like to rule over your life from a place of stillness, calm, and, tranquility. Imagine what it would be like to wake up and remember what it feels like to find the world beautiful again. This is the power of Sovereignty. This book will explain and guide you into becoming Sovereign over your life and destiny. This is true power.

Every new year, many of us set new goals and resolve to make positive changes that will make life better. Yet many will fail because of a lack of discipline. Specifically, “self” discipline. This book will explain and guide you into exercising your higher willpower and self-discipline

So before setting those goals and agendas, learn to work on your “self” first. Which is to say work on self-control and willpower first. In this way, goal success will be a lot easier. Real success awaits the person who can best manage and control the ignorant self-destructive ego-self. When you realize this sovereignty of ruling over the ego, then you can take charge of your destiny which is created in every choice you make. At any given moment you can choose the action that takes you closer to or further from realizing success. This will share with you the ancient secrets of true spiritual power.

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How To Find Your True Path

How to Find Your True Path – The Dixie Taoist Handbook

Life is a journey of self-discovery. It is the discovery of the true self. What is the true self you ask? The true self is the part of you that has been lost to distraction. There is a part of you that is above the pettiness and self-serving ego. This higher aspect of the self is your spiritual center. This aspect of you is eternal and resonates at a higher state of consciousness. To realize the true self, one must only awaken. You will awaken into your true nature… your true self. As the true self, you will know how to find and follow your true path. Here is a step-by-step spiritual strategy that has been around for thousands of years. “Mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonders”. Discover the path to longevity and well-being. TDT

Free Your Self

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“Hello Mr. Beasley, I am calling to find out more about your meditation classes. A friend of mine told me the meditation you teach really helps with stress. I really want to find out more about how I can get a handle on my stress.”As a meditation instructor, I receive phone calls and emails like this about once a month. Along the way, I began to write down the lessons that I share in the courses and classes. These are ancient spiritual lessons that saved me from myself and gave me my life back. I have compiled them into a handbook for the average person to use to free themselves from a path of self-destruction. This book is designed so that the reader can jump around from problem to problem and seek understanding about why they are stressed and how to stop self-destructing behaviors. The lessons overlap and as you begin to understand your own craziness, you begin to understand what you have been doing and why. This handbook is part of a meditation course, so I strongly recommend that you study mindfulness meditation along with mindfulness study. If you take up this path with determination and do not give up, you will transform your life. These teachings are how to free yourself from ego and find your true self, your true path. As you begin to study and practice other spiritual paths, you will find that it takes willpower to choose wisdom when faced with choices. This is about how to free your “self” from distraction and take back the power of choice. In this way, you can choose and implement wisdom, moment by moment, step by step along your path to freedom. Your destiny awaits you. Free Your Self

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