Excerpts From the Book Plus Additional Discussions

UPDATE: The rough manuscript is finished. I am working on the pre-edit which will take another few months or so. After that I send it to my proofreader/editor for hard grammar scrutinizing.

Your Destiny Is Not Predetermined

The old Tao Master, Lao Tzu explained to us that our future is yet to be determined. This means that you determine your future by your choices made every moment of every day. Since you are reading this, perhaps you are not like the other 90% of people who are too distracted and caught up in the ego trap of desire and will not worry about longevity until it is too late, you can become the one who finds their true path and creates a much better destiny. If you are healthy, now is the time to secure your future baby staying that way. If you are ill, now is especially the time to change your way and follow your true path that leads to success.

You are to understand that because you can transcend the destructive path you are on, and follow your true path that will evolve into a long life of health, success, and contentment. This book and supporting blog are specific to the Tao Cultivator’s way of cultivating Longevity. both spiritually and physically. A Tao Cultivator is one who awakens from the ego mind and follows the lessons that the ancients have given us to stop self-destruction and create harmony. The book contains more specific detail in five sections. Those five sections are:

  • The Tao of Longevity: An introduction The Tao (The Way or The Path) with lessons, including verses from the Tao Te Ching, that will guide you on how to find awaken unto the life path that is guided by your true self.
  • Spiritual Cultivation: Physical Longevity begins with Spiritual Cultivation; the external (physical body) reflects the internal (spirituality).
  • Qigong – an introduction to the Taoist Internal Alchemy through the cultivation of the “Three Treasures” Essence (Jing), Vital Energy (Qi), and Spirit (Shen).
  • The Healing Protocol: Powerful techniques to maintain, heal, and restore optimum health.
    • Healing Meditation/s
    • Discovering your connection to the subconscious
    • Nutrition Protocol
    • Fasting Protocol (an intro to Autophagy)
    • Exercise Protocol
    • Telomere Restoration
    • The Importance of Social Engagement and Interaction
    • The Importance of Spiritual Cultivation
  • Lifestyles for Longevity. Implementing and unifying all the above into everyday life through the lifestyle choices we make.

The book (The Tao of Longevity) and this support blog are designed to assist two main groups

  • Prevention: Those who are healthy and want to cultivate a long healthy and prosperous life
  • Healing/Restoration: Those who have a chronic disease, especially those that are self-induced.